Lord It's the Samurai flyer, 9x4in. double sided, ink on paper, edition size: thousands

Lord It’s the Samurai flyer, 9x4in. double-sided, edition size: thousands


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The homepage: vs

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19 09 2009
shoyu zine

Right On!

1 10 2009

I just had to write a paper comparing this site to the official, REAL site and exhibition. Even having questioned the exhibit myself on multiple levels when I saw it this summer, I can safely say that I hate your site. I find it insulting and offensive on even more levels than the exhibit.

1 10 2009

Additional note: Hollis Goodall’s response was the only logical and unbiased piece I found on the entire site.

1 10 2009

Dear Shystie,

Thanks for your comments. We appreciate that you cared enough to share them with us, and are pleased to hear that your instructor found our work worthy of a paper assignment.

Since it’s likely that you’re not alone in your sentiments, for the sake of the readers, would you care to offer a little more substance on what exactly you find insulting and offensive about the site and why?

Also, in your mention of Goodall’s response as the only unbiased one, we’re curious as to what is your standard for measuring bias? Isn’t all of it pretty subjective and representative of the perspective of each respondent and her or his specific interests and background? Or are you possessed of a moral authority that somehow enables you to discern Goodall’s in particular as less biased than all the others?

6 10 2009
Scott Cantrell

I think your parody web site is superb on many levels. Most of all, I find the humor very subtle (like The Onion). I told a friend about the site in an e-mail, which is pasted below. I hope you continue this great work!

Hey Dave. When you have time for some entertainment, I think you would really enjoy this parody website of the Asian Art Museum. Look carefully for some really subtle comedy and great political statements. It is very well done. I suggest you open two tabs and compare the real museum site too.

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