Ace Museum all in for the 1%: Videos from the Unknown Artists

27 03 2012

More from the Unknown Artists: (previous posts 1, 2)

If you have a personal experience with Douglas Chrismas, Ace Gallery or Ace Museum, we encourage you to visit ArtLeaks ( and to leave your story.

Petition on

We are the Unknown Artists.
We expose economic interests.
We increase transparency.
We aim for the distribution of wealth and information.
We will not be censored.
We will not be stopped.
Fuck authorship, fix the system!


Unknown Artists of the 99%: Call to Action to fix broken system

25 03 2012

Via Unknown Artists:

Unknown Artists

Greetings Artist,

We are the Unknown Artists.  We are asking for your help in fixing the broken gallery system that allows artists to be routinely ripped off and taken advantage of.  The system that allows gallery owners to make millions while using unpaid interns.  A system where artists are afraid ask for a contract and then worry that they will never be paid if their work sells. Read the rest of this entry »

Mission Geisha

23 03 2012

Geisha and other ladies of the world, for sale on 16th St near Adobe Books

Tate à Tate interventionist audio tour of Tate museums

22 03 2012

Tate á TatePlatform, Liberate Tate and Art Not Oil present a site-specific sound artwork themed around the issue of BP sponsorship of Tate.

Tate á Tate is created by Ansuman Biswas (Tate Britain), Isa Suarez, Mae Martin and Mark McGowan (Tate Boat) and Phil England and Jim Welton (Tate Modern).

Tate à Tate website

Download the three-part audio tour and go to Tate Britain, Tate Boat and Tate Modern to participate in this interventionist sound artwork – or listen at home.

The site includes a How-To Guide and Workshops and Actions as well as an Introduction to oil sponsorship of the arts, with a link to the open publication Culture Beyond Oil.


Pix: A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin #OSF #OO

21 03 2012

San Francisco, March 21, 2012

UC student protesters barred from UC property

20 03 2012
Anti stay away order protest

Daily Cal: "Students and community members protest the stay away order issued to a number of protesters." (Photo: Kevin Foote/Senior Staff, Daily Cal)

UPDATED 3/21/12 (see below)

At the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, four students have been barred from going anywhere except to class or work.

Via Daily Cal

A judge issued stay-away orders Monday against four Occupy Cal protesters who were involved in the Nov. 9 demonstrations, barring them from setting foot on UC Berkeley property.

The defendants are not only barred from the Berkeley campus, but all UC property throughout the state of California.


At the request of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Superior Court Judge Paul Seeman issued orders which require that the protesters stay away 100 yards from all UC property, except for when they go to and from class and work…

“The problems with the stay away order are that it’s very vague. UC property – does that include UC hospitals? Does that include UC housing? We have some defendants that live in UC Housing,” said Jeff Wozniak, an attorney for one of the protesters.

Note that the faculty member who was arraigned on Friday for similar charges was not given the same stay-away order.

No expiration date was given for the stay-away order, which came as a result of misdemeanor charges of “resisting arrest” and “blocking the sidewalk” after being bludgeoned by UC police on November 9 last year.

Chancellor Birgeneau: "I sincerely apologize" for what?

Short-timer Birgeneau: "I sincerely apologize..." but I won't do anything about the charges.

The Sorry but Silent Chancellor Birgeneau

Despite a petition signed by hundreds of faculty members calling on Chancellor Birgeneau to condemn the criminal charges and request that they be dropped, he has been unwilling to do so.

Instead, he simply passed on the petition to the DA, to whom it was not addressed, and in his silence has passively aligned himself with the ongoing prosecution.

Listen to Birgeneau’s November apology here

“I consider academic excellence, social equity, public service and free speech to be at the very foundation of who we are as an institution. These are the values that attracted me to UC Berkeley, and they must be preserved.”

UPDATE 3/21/12:  A total of 8 UC Berkeley students and alumni have been issued stay-away orders (Daily Cal).  Of the 13 charged, our remain to be arraigned.  So far, all of those charged have been issued stay-away orders, except the faculty member.

By and for Unknown Artists: “Whitney Boycott”

20 03 2012

For all “emerging” artists who aspire to feed at the trough:

[embedded video]

Don’t let your desire for recognition allow for the continuation of a broken, harmful system.

We are the Unknown Artists.
We expose economic interests.
We increase transparency.
We aim for the distribution of wealth and information.
We will not be censored.
We will not be stopped.

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