Police crackdown on toy doll “protestors” in Russia

26 01 2012

Via The Guardian

Doll 'protesters' present small problem for Russian police, guardian.co.uk

"In our opinion, this is still an unsanctioned public event," says the deputy Chief of Police. (Photo: Sergey Teplyakov/vkontakte)

Perhaps Obama’s buddy Rahm should send an attaché to Siberia to take notes:

Police in the Siberian city of Barnaul have asked prosecutors to investigate the legality of a recent protest that saw dozens of small dolls – teddy bears, Lego men, South Park figurines – arranged to mimic a protest, complete with signs reading: “I’m for clean elections” and “A thief should sit in jail, not in the Kremlin”.

Police refer to the dolls as the opposition’s “new technologies,” examining their details and writing down the text of each placard . . .  Read more about creative measures adopted by activists in Russia.

UPDATE 1/28/12

Photos and more backstory on boingboing.net (Photo: RFE-RL)

Photos and more backstory on boingboing.net, from RIA Novosti.

More: MSNBC News, Radio Free Europe, Independent (UK).


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