Police crackdown on toy doll “protestors” in Russia

26 01 2012

Via The Guardian

Doll 'protesters' present small problem for Russian police, guardian.co.uk

"In our opinion, this is still an unsanctioned public event," says the deputy Chief of Police. (Photo: Sergey Teplyakov/vkontakte)

Perhaps Obama’s buddy Rahm should send an attaché to Siberia to take notes:

Police in the Siberian city of Barnaul have asked prosecutors to investigate the legality of a recent protest that saw dozens of small dolls – teddy bears, Lego men, South Park figurines – arranged to mimic a protest, complete with signs reading: “I’m for clean elections” and “A thief should sit in jail, not in the Kremlin”.

Police refer to the dolls as the opposition’s “new technologies,” examining their details and writing down the text of each placard . . .  Read more about creative measures adopted by activists in Russia.

UPDATE 1/28/12

Photos and more backstory on boingboing.net (Photo: RFE-RL)

Photos and more backstory on boingboing.net, from RIA Novosti.

More: MSNBC News, Radio Free Europe, Independent (UK).


Occupy Oakland Umbrella Flash Mob

19 12 2011

Oakland Police and city government continue with the preposterous nonsense of their repressive policies.

Last week it was the maritime raid on Aquapy at Lake Merritt, this week it’s a ban on umbrellas as “illegal structures” in a public plaza, as reported by citizen journalist OakFoSho.

Interfaith "umbrella" at Occupy Oakland, cited by police

OPD has reportedly declared umbrellas "illegal structures"

From OakFoSho:

Apparently umbrellas are now illegal to have because they are a form of structure. . . .

“The idea is basically because police came over and started confiscating a bunch of stuff, and confiscated umbrellas saying they’re illegal and you couldn’t have umbrellas, so they’ve started an umbrella flash mob.

Screen grab of OakFoSho's webcast of Occupy Oakland's umbrella flash mob

Occupy Oakland's umbrella flash mob on video (click to watch)

In addition to joyous interpretive umbrella dance, the video shows the citation and deconstructs the absurdity of the citation in simple terms.  It also walks us through main area of the ongoing Occupy Oakland vigil and kitchen.

Tune in to OakFoSho’s stream at 6pm live from OO‘s general assembly.

Occupy SF: Police Standoff and Stand Down, Tents Return

8 12 2011

Updated twice

Original Post:

Police standoff at Justin Herman/Bradley Manning Plaza

Police standoff at Justin Herman/Bradley Manning Plaza

A convergence was scheduled for 6pm, following the early morning raid that removed the main encampment.  Police surrounded a group of OSFers in the center of the park, no one allowed in or out.

Among those corraled was a man who was injured in the confrontation with police.  A nurse offered care, but police would not allow her inside the park.  It took quite a bit of chanting by protesters before police finally allowed fire department personnel in to treat the injured, who was wheeled away on a gurney.

Another view of the standoff

The rationale for corraling people was that the park was closed.

At one point, supervisor Don Mar and an SFPD officer were permitted to speak over Occupy SF’s PA to make an offer to the assembled crowd, but the GA that took place within the corralled group offered different terms, requesting to be allowed to stay in the park to hold their meeting and for everyone present to be able to attend the meeting and come and go as they please without being arrested.

People were ziptied, eventually released

A number of people were ziptied, given citations, and eventually released.

Apparently there was no mutual aid from the sheriff tonight (not an emergency?), and SFPD was outnumbered.  Eventually the police gave up and left, their departure met with cheery and victorious farewells.

There are a few people still in custody from this morning’s raid, a couple on serious felony charges (arraignment tomorrow 9am 850 Bryant), one with $80k bail, according the NLG spokesperson who spoke at the GA that took place after SFPD departed.

Tents are back at Occupy SF

Tents are back, for now.

Upcoming Actions:

12/10 SAT.  International Human Rights MARCH

Reverend Billy is scheduled to appear at 2pm.  March from 3-5pm

12/12 MON.  West Coast Port Shutdown

Also, Occupy CCSF is having a 24-hour encampment at Ocean campus starting at 10am Thu 12/8 thru Fri 12/9 noon.

UPDATE 1: Video of SFPD Brutality

The gross brutality in this video was totally unnecessary.  Is it any coincidence that the victims of this extreme violence are African American men? Sickening.


Chris Jones was told by one cop he could sit there then another cop grabbed him from behind, dragged him down some steps, roughed him up and cuffed him. He lay flat, obviously in pain, for 30 minutes. Police turned ambulance away, and would not allow a registered nurse on site near him. Finally SF Fire dept took him away on a stretcher. He’s at SF General now.

UPDATE 2 (12/11/11)

9-minute video of what took place that evening:

“Although the San Francisco police had raided Occupy SF’s Justin Herman Plaza campus in the early morning hours, Occupiers re-took it at 6:00 that same evening. SFPD sent riot police who once again threatened the peaceful protesters, but #OccupySF refused to back down. I saw one protester speaking to a police officer who seemed to respond with marked emotion. I interviewed her about their conversation and asked what makes her so passionate about #Occupy. The resolution of the police conflict may surprise you.”

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