Chalkupy Oakland

22 04 2012
See the Chalkupy Gallery at Fresh Juice Party

Amazing chalkings at OG Plaza in Oakland. Click for gallery at Fresh Juice Party.


Support the Sproul 13: Call the DA’s office April 9-11

8 04 2012

From Resistance Social:

*please call, and please distribute this email widely. put it on
blogs, facebook, etc*

On April 9th – 11th, we’re calling District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and asking that she drop the charges on the Sproul 13. Please join us!  It only takes a few minutes… Read the rest of this entry »

Pix: A Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin #OSF #OO

21 03 2012

San Francisco, March 21, 2012

Two Parks Were Just Occupied. In One, People Were Beaten. In the Other, Ice Cream.

18 03 2012

Reblogged from Occupied Oakland Tribune

March 17, 2012

It was a day-long festival in Zuccotti Park / Liberty Square today in New York City yesterday, 3/17/12. Occupiers re-occupied the park, celebrating the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street’s founding. A large number of people stayed in Zuccotti for the evening, but about 11:30 PM were ordered out and were beaten by NYPD…

A different kind of Park Occupation took place in Oakland, CA the same day. Some three hundred Occupy Oaklanders and Oakland residents got together and held a barbeque / speakout / talk-fest at Arroyo Park in East Oakland this afternoon…


You probably won’t read anything about the Oakland event anywhere but here. Of course, that’s because there were no arrests. No shields. No tear gas. No violence. That’s for one very good reason: no police. Just a bunch of happy campers gourmands stuffing their faces with incredible bbq-ed chicken and awesome deserts, talking shit is fucked up and stuff…

You’d almost think that, for today, Oakland was New York, and New York was Oakland.

Read the much more detailed original article at Daily Kos, posted as the beatings in NYC were happening, complete with tweets about the police brutality as it was happening.

OWS Medic has head smashed into window by NYPD

18 03 2012

Rampant police brutality at otherwise peaceful 6-month Anniversary of #OWS

[embedded video]

0:15 Cops throwing man against window

1:50 Close-up of broken window

More photos of windows broken by NYPD head-smashing:

Bus window broken when NYPD smashed protestors head into it

Via @OccupyWallSt: Bus window broken when NYPD smashed protestors head into it

Alternet: Liberty Plaza Re-Occupied for 6-Month Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street; Police Violently Raid

Investigate NYPD Violence Against Occupy Wall Street


American Spring is Here: Live from Zuccotti / Liberty Park #OWS 6-Month Anniversary

17 03 2012

Whose Park? Our Park!

Occupiers set up living room in Bank of America lobby

14 03 2012

[Embedded video]

Uploaded by on Mar 12, 2012

A crew of occupiers makes a home of a Bank of America lobby with a couch, a coffee table, a rug and a potted plant. “Bank of America took our homes so we though we’d move in here!” Join them March 15 as America turns the tables on the nation’s largest bank!

FtheBanks: Take Action to Foreclose the Banks & Move Your Money!

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