Nov. 28 Occupy UC Regents “Meeting”

26 11 2011
ReFund California has joined local Occupy general assemblies in calling for student and faculty walkouts on November 28th and actions to open up the Regents’ sham teleconference at the 4 UC campuses where Regents will call-in.  All should be able to join the discussion with the 1% on the Board as equals to talk about how to make banks pay for public education.

We will announce campus-by-campus pick-up points for caravans and carpools on this page soon.  In the meantime, please plan your own carpools to get to the nearest convergence to “Open the Regents Up to the 99%.”

Call 510.987.9220 or email and cc to signup for public comment so you are let into the teleconference room. Read the rest of this entry »

Video: #OccupySF occupies BofA with tent, on Nov. 16

26 11 2011

A short video of what we were able to capture of the direct action at the bank:

So much has happened since then that it’s hard to believe it was only on Wednesday of last week when Occupy Cal demonstrators from UC Berkeley joined Occupy SF to march on the businesses of the 1% UC Regents and the banks in the financial district, stopping to occupy a downtown branch of the Bank of America on the way to a rally the State Building. Read the rest of this entry »

Demand the UC Regents and CSU Trustees Hold Their Budget Meetings in the Light of Day

21 11 2011

Make The One Percent Fund Public EducationVia Courage Campaign:

The corporate and financial elite that sit on the University of California Board of Regents just announced that they will close their doors to the public when they vote on new cuts to education in their 2012 budget request. This comes on the heels of the California State University Board of Trustees announcement that they will not engage in a public discussion or revote on the illegitimate tuition increase they passed last Wednesday. The leadership of both the UC and CSU systems refuse to face thousands of outraged students, faculty, and staff who demand they stop treating the 99% like an ATM.

Join the ReFund California Coalition in demanding both the UC Regents and CSU Trustees open their doors and allow FULL PUBLIC PARTICIPATION in their upcoming meetings, and that the CSU Board revote on its illegitimate 9% fee increase!

The Courage Campaign is a proud member of the ReFund California Coalition, which includes the members below:ReFund California Coalition members

Occupy Cal’s Sleep-Out, Mon Nov 21

21 11 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

SHANE BOYLE                                     MUNIRA LOKHANWALA
Tel. 714-369-3046                             Tel. 415 305 9666
Email:            Email:

WHO: Occupy Cal
WHAT: A one night ‘Sleep-Out’ at Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley) including political discussions, film screenings, and a concert featuring Mirah.
WHEN: General Assembly at 6PM; Concert at 9PM
WHERE: Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley

The General Assembly of Occupy Cal has called for a ‘Sleep-Out’ at Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley) on Monday, November 21. Students, faculty, workers, and community members will establish a one-night encampment to protest the cuts to public education and the brutal crackdown on free speech and dissent at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Los Angeles. Read the rest of this entry »

Open University at UC Berkeley Monday 11/21

20 11 2011

The University is Open!

Monday, November 21: Noon -2pm, Sproul Plaza. (If it is raining, follow the signs and join us in the Multicultural Center (MCC) in MLK.)

Why the Open University at Occupy Cal?: Coalitions and the Open Classroom
How can we think about the classroom and the University as spaces to build coalitional politics? How can we link questions of sexuality, immigration status, age, disability, race, gender, and class in our political actions? Read the rest of this entry »

OWS calls National Day of Action, Nov. 17

15 11 2011

cant-evict-an-idea, National Day of Action, Thu Nov. 17

And a reminder: don’t sleep!

UCPD Samurai: Open University is happening now!


Tue Nov. 15 Open University Strike at UCB supported by Occupy Oakland March

13 11 2011

UPDATE 3:  Open University Schedule of classes! (pdf)

UPDATE 2:  (Announced on KPFA’s Letters and Politics this morning 11/14) Occupy Cal plans to do new encampment Tues 11/15, subject to confirmation vote at 5pm mass GA.  Also, economics faculty Robert Reich has moved his Mario Savio Memorial Lecture outdoors to the Mario Savio Steps in front of Sproul Hall, 8pm Tues, in support of Occupy Cal.

UPDATE 1: New York Times: “Occupy Wall Street Protesters Shifting to College Campuses,” 11/14/11

As city officials around the country move to disband Occupy Wall Street encampments amid growing concerns over health and public safety, protesters have begun to erect more tents on college campuses.

Over the weekend, members of the protest group Occupy Cal gathered tents and tarps to rebuild their camp. They have called for a general strike and a mass camp-out at all 10 University of California campuses, 23 state university campuses and 112 community college campuses, starting Tuesday.

Open University Strike flyer

Click for facebook Event Page

Endorsed by: Occupy Cal, UC Berkeley Faculty Association, UCSF Faculty Association, UC Davis Faculty Association, UC San Diego Faculty Association, UC Council of Faculty Associations, AFSCME 3299, ACCE, California Nurses Association, Communities for a New California, UAW Local 2865, UAW 4123, UC-AFT, Berkeley Org. for Animal Advocacy, Students for Hip Hop, Occupy Stanford, M.E.N.D.

Nov-15-posters pdf

Open University Strike Poster w/Schedule of Events (pdf)

Occupy Oakland General Strike 11.04.port_.SISEMORE-620x398

Click to read Daily Cal: "Occupy Oakland to march to support UC Berkeley general strike." The group plans to meet in Ogawa-Grant Plaza — in Oakland at 2:30 p.m. to march down Telegraph Avenue for the 5 p.m. general assembly Tuesday. (Photo: Rashad Sisemore/Daily Cal)

Public Education Coalition:

Call for Open University Strike and Solidarity Actions on November 15th

Why Strike?

OO March to Support Strike at UC Berkeley

Support Occupy Cal and its fight against police brutality and the privatization of the UC system.

“We must recognize that the very same OPD officers and Sheriffs who attacked us here were sent only a few days later to brutalize people at Berkeley. And, once they are finished at Berkeley, they will return to attack us again. Furthermore, in one of its very first decisions, Occupy Oakland agreed to support all strikes in the Bay Area, including student strikes.”

Occupy Cal Newsletter 11/11/11

12 11 2011

From the Occupy Cal Newsletter 11/11/11

1) Occupy Cal has called for a higher education strike for Tuesday, November 15.
Here is the call
Invite your friends on Facebook

UPDATE 2:  Open University Schedule! (pdf)

Thursday’s General Assembly voted that a) All schools in the region are invited to converge on UC Berkeley for the 15th to protest public education cuts and privatization, as well as their exclusion from the UC; b) There will be two convergence times: noon and 5pm; c) All faculty and GSIs are asked to cancel their classes or, at a minimum, to hold them outside at Sproul Plaza.

We need your help with outreach. Please a) Ask your teachers to cancel class or hold it at Sproul. b) Post/pass out fliers. If you are in Berkeley stop by the info booth at Occupy Cal on Monday to pick some up. If you are further away, we can send you a PDF of the strike flier.

The Strike Committee meets every day at 5pm at Sproul Plaza, followed by General Assemblies at 6pm. Everybody is welcome.

2) UPDATE (11/14/11)
University of California Regents Meeting Cancelled

On Wednesday, November 16 there will be a mass convergence of all sectors of public education, and their community allies, at the UC Regents meeting starting at 7am at the UCSF Mission Bay campus to protest cuts to all levels of public education and to call to refund California by making the banks and super rich pay.
Sign up for buses here
Invite your friends on Facebook

3) To receive updates about Occupy Cal text “follow caloccupation” to 40404 . For more information contact or check out

4) Please donate to Occupy Cal via Paypal and get people you know to donate.

Now is the time. Participate in making history. Get involved.

UC Davis Faculty Association endorses the Strike.

Occupy Cal Day of Action

9 11 2011

The noon walkout and rally was reportedly attended by 5,000 people.

I arrived later, in time for the Initial Statement of Occupy Cal.

UC Administration apparently made no attempt to communicate with the Occupy Cal General Assembly in the afternoon.  It was entirely peaceful and non-violent until police forcefully removed the initial encampment.

Three videos below show violent police action in afternoon [1, 2, 3].

I left around 5pm (dead battery), but things heated up again at night, drawing in thousands.

UPDATE — It’s still going on:  livestream here. And hereABC-TV aerial .

10:30pm  What I’m hearing over the stream is that the Vice Chancellor came to speak and the tents have been removed, which was the administration’s objective.  Protesters are free to stay overnight, just no tents.

1am:  State-wide (or Everywhere?) Education Strike has been approved for next Tuesday 11/15.

Daily Cal reports at least seven arrested.  More recently tweeted (12am):  39 arrested (Verified by Daily Cal, via UCPD Lt. Alex Yao.)

Berkeley Students Clash With Police in Iconic Sproul Plaza,” The Atlantic

Occupy Cal GAEducation for All sign

Addressing the GA

Regents are The 1%

UC popo

Sproul Encampment, rev. 1.0

The first encampment at Sproul Plaza, before police moved in to remove it (see video below). Immediately after police left, Occupy Cal replaced it with new tents.

Stink Eye intimidation

Police beating students (by Miles Mathews):

CalTV News:

A couple tweets by Hard Knock Radio‘s Davey D

Watching kids at Penn State riot & over turn media truck as they protest firing of child molestor enabler Joe Paterno-No police beatings..

Watching students at Cal protest massive fee hikes.. 53% w/ a proposed 81% on top of that.. Police clubbing students left & right-#fail

and a longer piece by Davey, “A Tale of Two Colleges…Unrest at UC Berkeley & Penn State & Misplaced Priorities

UPDATE (11/11/11)

SF Chronicle: “UC cops’ use of batons on Occupy camp questioned,” 11/11/11

“But many law enforcement experts said Thursday that the officers’ tactics appeared to be a severe overreaction. . .

“Sam Walker, a professor emeritus of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha who has served as a consultant to the Oakland Police Department, said he thought the campus response was ‘unprovoked’ and ‘completely unnecessary.’ . . .

“‘The way they were using it, you’re very likely to hit the groin or kidney,’ he said. ‘I think it is an excessive action and totally unwarranted in the circumstances we see on the video.’

(Note the similarity between this and what was reported 4 days ago in the SJ Merc about OPD shooting the videographer on the night of the General Strike last week, “Experts in police use of force shocked by Oakland video,” 11/7/11)

Update 2 (11/11/11)

The Colbert Report on Occupy Cal, hilarious:

Colbert Report on Occupy Cal

AP: "officers pulling people from the steps and nudging others with batons" (click to watch)

UPDATE: 11/21/11

UC Berkeley poetry professor and former National Poet Laureate Robert Haas, who was among those beaten by UCPD, has an opinion piece in NY Times:
Poet-Bashing Police,” 11/19/11


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