“Lynching Is Not Over” Emmett Till bus stop subvertisement

19 08 2013

Seen today in San Francisco.


_DSC1640It looks like there is a series of at least three #blacklivesmatter posters, as seen in Oakland via twitter:

Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955) was an African-American boy who was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.  Two white men (the woman’s husband and his half-brother) gouged his eyes out, shot him through the head, tied a 70-lb cotton gin fan around his neck with barbed wire and dumped his weighted body in the Tallahatchie River.  The two suspects were acquitted of murder, and once the trial was over, protected by double jeopardy, openly admitted in a magazine interview to committing the murder.  Till’s murder is considered a pivotal moment in motivating the Civil Rights Movement. (more)




2 responses

1 09 2013
Karen Seneferu

Who put these up? These are incredible. Thank you. Also, Where are the Trayon Martin and Oscar Grant ones? We need the locations to take pictures?

1 09 2013
Karen Seneferu

I see. I got it.

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