Why So White: Tony Awards

10 06 2013

An infographic of the appalling lack of diversity in the Tony Awards over the past 31 years.

Would it look much different for the visual art world? (Hint: just take a look at ‘The Asian’s’ ongoing Proximities show, which explores the question “What is Asia?” through the eyes of a white male curator and an almost entirely white roster of artists.)

White domination of the theater world

From: Where’s the Diversity? The Tony Awards Looks in the Mirror

Keep in mind that racial diversity is not the same as racial justice.  Diversity only means variety, not equity, and while beneficial, integration is not sufficient to produce fairness.  Diversity can be a tool for advancing equity, but equity (fairness, justice, agency) is the goal.

Racial equity can only be achieved through a conscious critical examination of “choice points” to prevent replication of implicit bias and the status quo, to no longer exclude key stakeholders, overlook barriers to access, and fail to consider key inequities around race, gender, income and elsewhere.




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