Racism Still Exists: Billboard Series in Brooklyn

11 01 2013

Via Colorlines (Jamilah King):

Billboards are everywhere in New York City. They’re on subway trains and in stations, and on top of and inside taxis. But few, if any, have been anything like a series of anonymous billboards that have popped up on bus shelters in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. They’re not selling anything but a declaration: that racism still exists… (Read more)

RISE (Racism Still Exists) project statement:

Although public commentary describes the United States as “post-racial”, racism continues to exert a very real and pervasive influence on institutional policies and processes, interpersonal interactions, neighborhood infrastructure, socioeconomic opportunities, media imagery, and more. RISE is a project designed to illuminate some of the ways in which racism operates in this country.

Note that while the authorship of this impactful billboard/poster series remains anonymous, the billboards themselves are officially sanctioned through the private advertising company contracted by the New York Metropolitan Agency (i.e. these are paid for; this is is not guerrilla billboard liberation).

RISE 06: Stop & Frisk




One response

11 01 2013

Wow..,when I saw this poster, I lost my words! Racism…I encourage you to check out “un-packing racism” at BONDFIRES.org. Thank you for posting this information and raising awareness about racism in its many forms!-Izzie J

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