Update on Labor Struggle at Fine Arts Museums of SF

29 08 2012

Via Change.org

Hello Champions for Workers,

COFAM nonprofit workers are deeply moved by all of the community support they have been receiving. Unfortunately, management hasn’t budged much on proposals that would be harmful to the workers and their families. They have made it clear that they aim to destroy the job securities that workers have fought for decades to get.

This would jeopardize the long-term stability of the museums which would have a negative impact on the quality of your experience when visiting the de Young and the Legion of Honor.

In response, the museum’s workers have authorized a strike if absolutely necessary. They will only use this tool once all other options are exhausted.

They still have much fighting to do before winning a fair contract. A win for these workers will set a precedent that will have far-reaching effects in our city. You can leverage your community influence to support these workers in one of the following ways:

1. The cities unions and allies will be mobilizing en masse Friday, September 7th at 6PM to takeover the de Young Museum. Your participation will show that our city will not stand idly by while its workers’ rights are under attack. RSVP here: http://on.fb.me/PK3BOq

2. We ask that you call Charlie Castillo, director of human resources, at (415) 750-3673 to let him know that you support nonprofit museum workers and that he must settle a fair contract now.

3. Spread the word about what’s going on by signing and sharing our online petition. http://chn.ge/LWndth


COFAM Nonprofit Worker Supporters




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