UC student protesters barred from UC property

20 03 2012
Anti stay away order protest

Daily Cal: "Students and community members protest the stay away order issued to a number of protesters." (Photo: Kevin Foote/Senior Staff, Daily Cal)

UPDATED 3/21/12 (see below)

At the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, four students have been barred from going anywhere except to class or work.

Via Daily Cal

A judge issued stay-away orders Monday against four Occupy Cal protesters who were involved in the Nov. 9 demonstrations, barring them from setting foot on UC Berkeley property.

The defendants are not only barred from the Berkeley campus, but all UC property throughout the state of California.


At the request of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Superior Court Judge Paul Seeman issued orders which require that the protesters stay away 100 yards from all UC property, except for when they go to and from class and work…

“The problems with the stay away order are that it’s very vague. UC property – does that include UC hospitals? Does that include UC housing? We have some defendants that live in UC Housing,” said Jeff Wozniak, an attorney for one of the protesters.

Note that the faculty member who was arraigned on Friday for similar charges was not given the same stay-away order.

No expiration date was given for the stay-away order, which came as a result of misdemeanor charges of “resisting arrest” and “blocking the sidewalk” after being bludgeoned by UC police on November 9 last year.

Chancellor Birgeneau: "I sincerely apologize" for what?

Short-timer Birgeneau: "I sincerely apologize..." but I won't do anything about the charges.

The Sorry but Silent Chancellor Birgeneau

Despite a petition signed by hundreds of faculty members calling on Chancellor Birgeneau to condemn the criminal charges and request that they be dropped, he has been unwilling to do so.

Instead, he simply passed on the petition to the DA, to whom it was not addressed, and in his silence has passively aligned himself with the ongoing prosecution.

Listen to Birgeneau’s November apology here

“I consider academic excellence, social equity, public service and free speech to be at the very foundation of who we are as an institution. These are the values that attracted me to UC Berkeley, and they must be preserved.”

UPDATE 3/21/12:  A total of 8 UC Berkeley students and alumni have been issued stay-away orders (Daily Cal).  Of the 13 charged, our remain to be arraigned.  So far, all of those charged have been issued stay-away orders, except the faculty member.




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21 03 2012

Update 3/21/12:
A total of 8 UC Berkeley students and alumni have been given stay-away orders, apparently as punishment for protesting. Of the 13 charged, four remain to be arraigned (so more stay-aways may be coming). So far, all those arraigned have been given stay-aways, except for the faculty member.


24 03 2012

Recently, Chancellor Birgeneau’s campus police rammed baton jabs on Cal. students protesting Birgeneau’s doubling of tuition/fees. The sky above Cal. will not fall when Robert J. Birgeneau ($450,000 salary) honorably resigns. Email opinions to the UC Board of Regents marsha.kelman@ucop.edu
I love University of California having been a student & lecturer. Like so many I am disappointed by Chancellor Birgeneau’s failure to arrest escalating costs/tuition. Birgeneau doubled instate tuition. On an all-in cost UC Berkeley is the most expensive public university; more expensive than Harvard, Yale. Tuition consumes more than 14% of a median family income.
UC Berkeley ranked # 2 in faculty earning potential. Paying more is not a better university. Birgeneau dismissed: increasing the number of classes per faculty; eliminating courses with too few students; refraining from exorbitant salaries, bonuses; doubling the time between sabbaticals; freezing all vacant positions; freezing pay, benefits & reforming pensions, health costs. Birgeneau believes fiscal efficiency wouldn’t be healthy for Cal. Exodus of faculty, chancellors, and administrators: who can afford them?
An American Enterprise Institute study found that UC Berkeley can operate well on much leaner budgets. Californians agree it is far from the ideal situation.

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