“FORCE: The UC Policy” art exhibit opens at UC Davis Mar. 14

8 03 2012

"FORCE: The UC Policy" art exhibit at UC Davis

FORCE: The UC Policy
March 12 and runs through March 23rd
Memorial Union Art Lounge, 2nd Floor
UC Davis

Opening reception: Wed, March 14th between 3-6pm at King Lounge
Between 4:30-5:30pm: panel discussion on the militarization of the campus police
with Professor Joshua Clover and art history graduate student Geoffrey Wildanger.

AHI 401 will present FORCE: The UC Policy, an exhibition that addresses the question of whether the UC campus police and the UC administration are upholding their stated missions to “prevent violence and protect student rights.”  The exhibition focuses on three recent campus protests at UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis between 2005-2011.  Through a display of photographs, text, and other documentation, the exhibition exposes a disconnect between the mission of the UC campus police and recent brutal actions against student protestors as in the pepper-spraying incident at UCD on November 18, 2011. The exhibition highlights how the UC Administration and UCPD perceive the sustained student efforts to fight against the privatization of public higher education as hostile and antagonistic rather than expressive of an informed and responsive student population. By underlining the role, responsibilities, and necessity of the campus police, FORCE: The UC Policy invites viewers to examine and question the shift in attitudes towards student demonstrations and the use of force to control them.

FORCE: The UC Policy is co-curated by the students of AHI 401: Giana Belardi, Liz Church, Ashleigh Crocker, Maizy Enck, Susan Fanire, Megan Friel, Cindy Gieng, Bianca Hua, Lizzy Joelson, Mitzi Mathews, Monica Mercado, Bryant Pereyra, Kyle Taylor, Jennifer Urrutia, Ariana Young & Kevin Zhou. AHI 401 is a course on curatorial methods taught by Professor Susette Min

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