#OccupyChabot Rally: Student suspended for passing out OOakland flyers

22 01 2012
#OccupyChabot Free Speech Rally

"Student was suspended 4 distributing #OccupyOakland flyers. Free Speech Rally Mon, Jan 23 @ 8:00 am #OccupyChabot"

Story in Occupied Oakland Tribune: Suspended from Chabot College: a preliminary statement by Joshua Hewitt, reblogged here:

The following is a statement from Joshua Hewitt, aka @DJ_JDot.

I was passing papers out fliers for Occupy Oakland’s January 28 Move In Day action in front of the Chabot Community College radio station in Hayward, CA and a security guard pulled up in a car and asked me if I had permission from the office of student life.

“I have rights,” I said. “The right to free education which I don’t get and the First Amendment. Since I don’t have one of those rights–because I pay too much for not enough education–I’m gonna use my other right.”

He called the other security guard, Nathan Moore, and they took my info. The security car and person drove and walked until I was off campus and told me if I’m back on campus they’ll call the Hayward Police Department to come get me.

And I’m suspended until I get a call to set an appointment up with a dean.

UPDATE: In case you’re wondering, yes, Nathan Moore has been doxed by @VizFoSho.

UPDATE 2: Fellow Chabot-student @BellaEiko has also written about this issue here.

UPDATE 3: Joshua has received a call from the VP of Student Services to setup a meeting. Expect a hasty retreat on the part of Chabot.




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24 01 2012
Ambivalent Offspring

Security Guard Nathan Moore from Chabot College has a history of abuse toward students on campus. He has also been known to be sexually inappropriate with women on the campus and his supervisors from the Hayward Police Department Sgt. Ruben Pola and Sgt. Keith Stiver have covered it up only to allow his victims to be more afraid of Nathan Moore.

24 01 2012
Ambivalent Offspring

Here is an article about current Vice President, Student Services Dr. Howard J. Irvin, Jr. He oversees Chabot College Campus Safety and oversees Sgt. Keith W. Stiver. He also has been accused of sexual misconduct against co-workers under the color of authority. I guess it’s common among law enforcement to protect each other.


24 01 2012
Ambivalent Offspring

Here are three links regarding a sexual harassment case against the Hayward Police Department which oversees Chabot College Campus Safety. Do we see a pattern in the chain-of-command? I wonder if Sgt. Stiver and Sgt. Pola were named in the case?




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