Two OPD Officers Disciplined, Fed Judge considers sanctions

11 01 2012

(Updated 2/1/12)


Remember this video by BLK PXLS shot on the night of the General Strike in Oakland (11/2/11)?

It showed Officer John Hargraves concealing his uniform nameplate, in clear violation of CA Penal Code 830.10, and supervising officer Lt. Clifford Wong asking Hargraves to remove the tape.

The Bay Citizen reports:

The Oakland Police Department has disciplined two officers for violating department policy during the Occupy Oakland protests, The Bay Citizen has learned. The suspension of one officer and the demotion of his supervisor are the first known disciplinary actions OPD officials have taken in the wake of hundreds of police misconduct complaints following the Occupy demonstrations.

Oakland Police officer John Hargraves has been suspended 30 days for concealing his uniform nameplate

The department suspended Officer John Hargraves for 30 days for covering his name badge with a piece of black tape, a violation of California law. Lieutenant Clifford Wong was demoted to sergeant for failing to properly report the incident, according to police sources.

Read more: The Bay Citizen (

Judge Henderson Considers Sanctions Against Oakland

East Bay Express reports:

On January 9, Judge Thelton Henderson heard a motion brought by Riders’ plaintiffs attorneys John Burris and James Chanin that sought federal sanctions for officers who had covered their name plates during Occupy Oakland eviction actions by the Oakland Police Department. City attorneys argued that this was an isolated incident that did not represent a systematic violation of policy and that the officers’ superiors acted swiftly to investigate fully.

City attorneys also argued that it would be improper for the federal court to intervene in this instance since discipline had already been ordered for the two officers . . .

At the end of the hour-long hearing, Judge Henderson stated that he would take all of the arguments under submission and issue a written order. There is also a regularly scheduled quarterly status hearing scheduled in Judge Henderson’s court room on January 26.

Read more.

UPDATE 1/11/12:  More officers hiding badges

OCCUPIED Oakland Tribune: Officers Hiding Badge Names Widespread

UPDATE 2/1/12:

Judge: Covering Police Badge Is Serious Misconduct
Officers involved in incident during Occupy protest may each have to pay $5,100 in fines
Source: The Bay Citizen (




2 responses

11 01 2012

UPDATE 1/11/12: More officers hiding badges

OCCUPIED Oakland Tribune: Officers Hiding Badge Names Widespread

28 01 2012

Will these sheriffs be demoted as well?

Alameda county sheriffs here w tape over names w numbers written on them. #OO #j28

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