Low Lives: Occupy! Call for Entries

11 01 2012

Low Lives: Occupy! Call for Entries

Low Lives: Occupy!

Event Date: 3 March 2012

Deadline for proposals: 6 February 2012


Low Lives launches new program in partnership with Occupy With Art and The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics.

On March 3rd, 2012, Low Lives: Occupy! an international platform designed to enable artists, audiences, and presenters in alliance with the Occupy movement to support the occupation, will transmit live performances, actions, and happenings online as they occur in real time around the world. Participating artists, artist collectives, Occupy groups, and presenters worldwide will expand the reach and visibility of the Occupy protests by broadcasting to an international community and audiences. The Occupy protests, and the myriad of perspectives and experiences related to this unique moment, will be amplified, explored, and experimented with, through Low Lives’ internet-based creative platform. Low Lives: Occupy! recognizes the powerful opportunity that is the presentation of performances from around the world, and invites artists to open eyes and minds by presenting a radical re-imagining of possible ways of existing and relating.

Over the past 4 years Low Lives has developed a platform that invites and enables artists, audiences, and presenting venues to “plug in and participate” from anywhere an internet connection exists. This technological platform brings a history of supporting artists’ full creative freedom to imagine new worlds and is now offered to artists interested to present work in solidarity with #OWS. Online documentation of the live event will allow Low Lives: Occupy! to inspire online audiences far into the future.

Low Lives: Occupy! seeks projects including, but not limited to, performance art, public actions and interventions, happenings, acts of protest and civil disobedience, taking place in both real and virtual spaces.

Only proposals for live actions will be considered (streaming pre-recorded videos will not be considered). Preferred duration of proposed works is 5 minutes or less, however if the work proposed is impossible to present in 5 minutes, up to 12 minute performances will be considered.

All artists, artist collectives, individuals, and groups in solidarity with the Occupy protests are invited to submit proposals. Artists who have participated in previous Low Lives projects are eligible to participate.

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