#OO #FTP march: kettle and arrests

8 01 2012


A few lo-fi pix of action in Oakland tonight.  Mutual aid was present from Alameda County Sheriff and Highway Patrol.

F' The Police March in Oakland

Many of the marchers adhered to the black dress code, winding their way from O-G Plaza down to jail, and around and around.


Eventually a fire was set, drawing in OPD like moths to the flame, leading to a standoff.  Protesters on the front lines shouted at the fools at the back of the pack to stop throwing things at the police.


Live streamer OakFoSho was right in the thick of the bedlam that followed; check his stream for archived video of tonight’s events, including a number of arrests (things heat up at around 39 min. / “ten crazy minutes“).  MSM was nowhere to be seen, as a number of folks were clubbed, and at least one man was shot with a less lethal projectile.

Video from pfailblog:  “#OPD slams woman and her bike to the ground, beat her and chase her down the street!”

OPD actually directed those observing on the periphery into the kettle, telling them they could leave at the other end, which of course was not true.  So for awhile a lot of folks were kettled, including livestreamers OakFoSho and Occupy SF’s punkboyinsf, and mass arrest appeared imminent.

Police kettle at 9th between Broadway and Washington

Police kettle at 9th between Broadway and Washington (photo: Occupy Oakland)

Eventually OPD declared unlawful assembly and actually let people go.  Six arrests total.

Occupy Oakland is asking everyone to come to the General Assembly on OG Plaza 19th & Telegraph Sunday 2pm.

UPDATE  Video here from OakFoSho’s stream

Occupy Oakland Media:

UPDATE 1/9/12

In-depth Analysis:  “Oakland’s Dirty War: Coercive Attrition and the Occupy Movement” on Counterpunch




3 responses

9 01 2012

UPDATE 1/9/12

In-depth Analysis: “Oakland’s Dirty War: Coercive Attrition and the Occupy Movement” on Counterpunch


10 01 2012
Michael Steers

America, the Land of the Free, yeah right. The police behaviour depicted here is what we saw from the East German Stasi, KGB, Chinese Army, not the good old USA. Do the words “Secret Police” ring a bell? I bet the middle class wish they had supported the Air Traffic Controllers instead of turning against them when Reagan was in power. You reap what you sew and this is a lesson for the ordinary people of the USA, never turn on your own, i.e, working class and never side with the enemy, the Tea Party or the GOP in drag. And for those of you who don’t know, GOP = Grandma’s Out of Prescriptions and Michelle Bachmann thinks that Obama is evil for wanting to make these more affordable!

10 01 2012
Henry C

And the class warfare continues to grow. Obama’s re-election strategy is in full force and the sheep are following in line. Keep up the good work occupiers and those who are envious.

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