Occupy Berkeley: Police threaten to shoot videographer, beat protesters

22 12 2011

Updated 12/23/11  10:24pm

Good News!

Pic of BPD cop who threatened to shoot videographer point blank:

Little Sgt. Napoleon Complex

BPD's "Li'l Sgt. Napoleon Complex": watch him in action below (around 1:50 mark)

Original Post (12/22/11)

It’s still going on right now, watch it live on OakFoSho’s ustream.

Reports from independent journalists and eyewitnesses describe mishandling of Occupy Berkeley raid by Berkeley Police Department:

Occupy Berkeley raided by police; officer threatens to shoot videographer

In this graphic Youtube clip (courtesy of OccupyNewsandMedia), one officer threatens to shoot an activist for not backing up in a timely fashion and another officer can be seen hitting an activist in the face with a baton.

The threat takes place at about 1:50 mark in the following clip:

After police arrest, use batons on protesters, Occupy Berkeley encampment remains

@OaklandElle is a medic at #OO and has stood in solidarity with #OSF and #OBerkeley, she tweets:

The raid has reportedly left many homeless and tentless, the city’s shelters are full, and temperatures are expected to plunge into the 30’s tonight.

Sprinklers in the park had not been in regular use during the occupation.  Now they are on and flooding the park, which is on its way to becoming another lake, in the fashion of Oakland’s Ogawa-Grant Plaza.

It’s still going on right now, watch it live on OakFoSho’s ustream

[They arrested @OaklandElle for standing on the sidewalk, 10:43pm]

What’s going down now in Berkeley is a continuation of the abuse of authority that we’ve seen globally, which is why it’s important not only to continue to bear witness, but to webcast it as it happens:  HOW TO LIVESTREAM FROM CELL PHONE

They think they can get away with it, but that’s not how justice plays out.  @punkboyinsf‘s graphic sums it up:

Enough Bullshit

Occupy Congress January 17th, 2012




6 responses

22 12 2011

Keystone Kops: about a third to a half of Berkeley PD is following the remaining handful of protesters/homeless (all of ten people), as they walk around Berkeley. So the group just keeps on walking, followed by a half dozen squad cars.

Almost as many squad cars as there are protesters. This is how threatening ten peaceful people are to BPD.

Comical. OakFoSho calls it: It has officially become an episode of South Park.


22 12 2011

What cities like Berkeley can expect after a raid like this:
Washington Post: “Cities that broke up Occupy camps now face lawsuits over free speech, use of force”

23 12 2011

12:15am Arresting Anonymous Medics outside WF Bank, Shattuck @ Center, for what?
12:34am Update: one medic arrested for failure to identify (not carrying ID). The other medic had his ID confiscated.

23 12 2011

12:54am OakFoSho says “Stay Tuned. Should get interesting in a minute . . .”
Plan B about to begin. http://www.ustream.tv/occupyoakland
1:05am Now Plan C. Misdirection in game of Cat & Mouse w/cops in order to get people to safe places to be for the night.

23 12 2011
Susan heckman

Grow up!…you want to play with the big boys, don’t complain. You don’t want to get shoved, move. You don’t want to get pepper sprayed, Move when they TELL YOU that they will pepper spray you if you don’t. Frankly, i think the police have used extreme patience dealing with you. An insult to the intelligence and ideas of Berkeley.

23 12 2011

We agree with OakFoSho wholeheartedly on this one:

Good News! @OaklandElle is free:

Tents back up in Berkeley!

Oakland Trib: “Small group of Occupy Berkeley protesters remain despite eviction notice”

Anyone who has been following the Occupy movement closely has seen police targeting peaceful photo/videographers and medics for arrest with unnecessary force at Occupies here and elsewhere (e.g. NYC #D12).

Pic of BPD cop who threatened videographer:

Insult to intelligence in Berkeley: when abusive force in violation of the Constitution is euphemistically equated with “playing with the big boys.”

BPD jabbed and shoved people off the sidewalk, claiming “Safety Zone,” and the obvious question they were asked: “Safety from what?”

The primary threat to public safety here and at other Occupies has come from police, who are paid by the public to protect and serve the people, not just the banks.

BPD’s only answer was to nonsensically order people off of the streets, after having just shoved them off of the sidewalk. There’s no rational intelligence in abuse.

Insult to ideas in Berkeley: police state = democracy.

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