Occupy Oakland Umbrella Flash Mob

19 12 2011

Oakland Police and city government continue with the preposterous nonsense of their repressive policies.

Last week it was the maritime raid on Aquapy at Lake Merritt, this week it’s a ban on umbrellas as “illegal structures” in a public plaza, as reported by citizen journalist OakFoSho.

Interfaith "umbrella" at Occupy Oakland, cited by police

OPD has reportedly declared umbrellas "illegal structures"

From OakFoSho:

Apparently umbrellas are now illegal to have because they are a form of structure. . . .

“The idea is basically because police came over and started confiscating a bunch of stuff, and confiscated umbrellas saying they’re illegal and you couldn’t have umbrellas, so they’ve started an umbrella flash mob.

Screen grab of OakFoSho's webcast of Occupy Oakland's umbrella flash mob

Occupy Oakland's umbrella flash mob on video (click to watch)

In addition to joyous interpretive umbrella dance, the video shows the citation and deconstructs the absurdity of the citation in simple terms.  It also walks us through main area of the ongoing Occupy Oakland vigil and kitchen.

Tune in to OakFoSho’s stream at 6pm live from OO‘s general assembly.




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