Criminalizing Citizen Journalism in New York

13 12 2011

UPDATE:  Video of NYPD targeting media on #D12

Original Post:

Heard reports that NYPD targeted observers with cameras for arrest yesterday, in their raid on a day of action targeting Goldman Sachs.  Here’s an account.  Busted for Tweeting, by Molly Knefel

Several cops pushed me away as I asked, “What is he being arrested for?  He was taking pictures.”  A cop said, “He didn’t produce an official press pass, so that means he was resisting arrest.”  I quite literally didn’t understand, so I said, “What?”  At that point, the same cop said, “If you don’t step back immediately, you will be arrested too.”

[. . . ]

A protester next to me was yelling at the cops, something about free speech or unnecessary force or any number of logical things to say at a time like this, I was too distracted to pay attention.  But then, an officer said to him, “Get out of my face.  I have a gun, and I don’t need people up in my face like this.”

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13 12 2011

UPDATE: Video of NYPD targeting media on #D12

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