Why We Fight: Rising Costs of Public Higher Ed in CA

27 11 2011

From the Sacramento Bee “Interactive: The rising cost of a UC, CSU education” (via Katehiville News)

Since 1966, fees at both systems have increased about six times faster than inflation.

UC, CSU Fee Increases outstrip Inflation by 6X

At the same time, students are taking on much more debt. The chart below shows federal student loans disbursed to UC and CSU students over the last decade.
Massive Rise in Student Debt
On top of this, the UC Regents are considering multi-year tuition increases of up to 16% annually, cumulatively adding up to 81% over the next four years, which would bring UC tuition to more than $22,000/year in 2016.

Nov. 28 Occupy UC Regents “Meeting”




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