Video: #OccupySF occupies BofA with tent, on Nov. 16

26 11 2011

A short video of what we were able to capture of the direct action at the bank:

So much has happened since then that it’s hard to believe it was only on Wednesday of last week when Occupy Cal demonstrators from UC Berkeley joined Occupy SF to march on the businesses of the 1% UC Regents and the banks in the financial district, stopping to occupy a downtown branch of the Bank of America on the way to a rally the State Building.

BofA got Hella Occupied

Legions of stormtroopers were unable to prevent a downtown branch of Bank of America from being Hella Occupied by tent-bearing protesters during a march and rally to protest the assault on public education on November 16.

From Occupy SF, this was the theme of the march, rally, and direct action:

With the cancellation of the UC Regents meeting because they heard our voice and need to regroup, the call is now to hold a rally and march to make sure everyone else hears of the current assault on the access to affordable education that is taking place in California and across America.




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