Oakland Police Raid Occupy Oakland’s Thanksgiving Dinner; Before/After Pix of OG Plaza Flooded

25 11 2011

Via Occupied Oakland Tribune: “OPD Thanksgiving Porta-Pottie Riot” Posted on November 24, 2011

“Now we cannot even serve people on Thanksgiving, apparently.”

Here’s a photo of the delectable holiday meal that was being served (via twitter)

Occupy Oakland's Thanksgiving spread

Apparently OPD felt the need to interrupt the joyous repast in order to prevent Porta-Potties from being delivered on Thanksgiving Day Indigenous Solidarity Day, by instigating a riot and making arrests.

Despite all the talk by Mayor Quan about cooperation, this action demonstrates how the lack of respect for human dignity on the part of Oakland Police Department and City officials seems to know no bounds.

OG Plaza:  Before and After Eviction of Occupy Oakland

We’ve seen how business leaders such as those behind the Chamber of Commerce, who neither reside in Oakland nor represent local small business, tried to characterize the encampment as an eyesore and health and safety hazard that kept people from coming downtown.  So instead the city has responded to the Chamber’s concerns by turning the plaza into a swamp, pictured below in pix taken at last Saturday’s Day of Action rally and march.

OG Plaza Before and After Eviction of Occupy Oakland on Nov. 14

OG Plaza Before and After Eviction of Occupy Oakland on Nov. 14 (click to enlarge) (Note: the crowd that gathered for the march and rally on Saturday was quite large, on Broadway and 14th, just not shown in these pix.)

Ogawa-Grant swamp

Ogawa-Grant swamp, as inviting as the City of Oakland and its Chamber of Commerce like it

Watering the swamp

Watering the Swamp: using precious resources to keep the mud muddy

OG Plaza: post-eviction Kid-friendly

And kid-friendly? A safer, healthier environment for children?

Community Garden close up

Occupy Oakland began to beautify the swamp with sod and planter boxes . . .

Community Garden wide

. . . but by the next day, all of this too would destroyed by DPW.

The city seems incapable of responding to the humanity of the Free Garden, the Thanksgiving Dinner, and Occupy Oakland as a whole with anything other than brute force and violent repression.

Police 'Negotiators' eyeing the scene outside the Grand Lake

OPD "Negotiators": what's that in his right hand, I wonder? Negotiating tool, no doubt

Dangerous Activists


Grand Lake Theater: Shame on Quan




One response

8 12 2011

The city of Oakland continues to keep Ogawa-Grant Plaza flooded, in what is now referred to as Jean Quan Memorial Lake:

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