Occupy Cal’s Sleep-Out, Mon Nov 21

21 11 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

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WHO: Occupy Cal
WHAT: A one night ‘Sleep-Out’ at Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley) including political discussions, film screenings, and a concert featuring Mirah.
WHEN: General Assembly at 6PM; Concert at 9PM
WHERE: Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley

The General Assembly of Occupy Cal has called for a ‘Sleep-Out’ at Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley) on Monday, November 21. Students, faculty, workers, and community members will establish a one-night encampment to protest the cuts to public education and the brutal crackdown on free speech and dissent at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Los Angeles.

Occupy Cal was formed on November 9 in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and OccupyOakland, and in opposition to the cuts to and privatization of California’s public education systems. The first attempt to establish Occupy Cal on November 9 ended in the merciless
beatings and arrests of students and faculty by Bay Area police. On November 15, UC Berkeley’s campus-wide strike and day of action culminated in the largest assembly in the occupy movement thus far, in which over a thousand people voted overwhelmingly to establish the second tent encampment on campus as a form of free speech and free assembly. In the early morning of Thursday, November 17, riot police once again attacked Occupy Cal, forcibly removing the tent encampment
and its inhabitants from Sproul Plaza. Meanwhile, similar movements have sprung up at UCLA and UC Davis. At these campuses, occupiers have been met with similar violent responses by police and UC
administrators. The attacks on students at UC Davis have prompted an international outcry and calls for the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi.

The Occupy Cal Sleep-Out aims to create a safe and fun space for students, faculty, workers, and community members to build on the momentum of the past weeks. We will be protesting the budget cuts to public education, as well as the brutal attempts to silence dissent by UC administrators. The Sleep-Out will be held in solidarity with UC Davis and UCLA students and faculty who are taking similar action this
Monday. The night will begin after the 6PM General Assembly and include political discussions, film screenings, a concert featuring indie-folk singer Mirah, and more.


Students, Workers, Faculty Organize an Occupation Against Education
Cuts and Police Brutality

Mirah, Sproul 9pm




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