Demand the UC Regents and CSU Trustees Hold Their Budget Meetings in the Light of Day

21 11 2011

Make The One Percent Fund Public EducationVia Courage Campaign:

The corporate and financial elite that sit on the University of California Board of Regents just announced that they will close their doors to the public when they vote on new cuts to education in their 2012 budget request. This comes on the heels of the California State University Board of Trustees announcement that they will not engage in a public discussion or revote on the illegitimate tuition increase they passed last Wednesday. The leadership of both the UC and CSU systems refuse to face thousands of outraged students, faculty, and staff who demand they stop treating the 99% like an ATM.

Join the ReFund California Coalition in demanding both the UC Regents and CSU Trustees open their doors and allow FULL PUBLIC PARTICIPATION in their upcoming meetings, and that the CSU Board revote on its illegitimate 9% fee increase!

The Courage Campaign is a proud member of the ReFund California Coalition, which includes the members below:ReFund California Coalition members




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