Occupy UC Davis: Massive Rally, Occupation Planned For Monday

20 11 2011

Occupy UC Davis Strike Poster

Stand up for your fellow students, teachers, and faculty brutalized by the police on Friday.
Stand up against fee hikes and disproportionate administrative salaries.
Stand up for the exploited, the repressed and the disenfranchised.
Stand up for the 99%!

(via Daily Kos)

Occupy UC Davis website

Occupy Davis website:

UCDecolonized/Occupied Retake the Quad on November 21 2011 12:00 PM
Regroup on the quad. Bring tents and be prepared. in 07:00 hours.

Occupy UC Davis Facebook page

Monday at 12:00pm until Wednesday at 12:30pm

We are preparing to cook MASSIVE amounts of food to support the student demonstration tomorrow. Do you have food to donate? Do you have unpicked produce? Do you operate a farm? Got a lead on food we can follow up on? Let us know!

We will be having a potluck, people! Bring your finest home cooked meals for the UC Davis Quad dinner MONDAY at 6 o’clock. Vegetarian meals requested. Bring your food for sharing in a container that you don’t mind losing, or HEAVILY label it with your name and phone number and it will be made available for pickup. Use duct tape to label! THIS IS NOT TONIGHT. It’s MONDAY.

Reclaim UC:

From Occupy UC Davis: accepting donations of pizza and tents for the rally on Monday. Those wishing to donate pizza can order some for delivery at Woodstocks, (530) 757-2525. Those wishing to donate tents can order them online through this link http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3T6Z62WIDOER7/ref=ord_cart_shr . Tents ordered in this way will be automatically shipped to a donation site and used for our continuous occupation of the quad.




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