OccupySF: Police Raid Expected TONIGHT

17 11 2011

Forwarded from OccupySF

Police Raid Expected Tonight!

Published on 17 November 2011


Thursday Nov 17th at 7pm
Department of Health and Safety Inspection – 4pm
Press Conference at Justin Herman Plaza – 5pm

Occupy SF–Justin Herman Plaza (Embarcadero BART)

Occupy SF, facing the threat of an Imminent San Francisco Police Raid, calls for community to show support.  On Wednesday Nov 16th, Police in riot gear raided a number of Occupy SF tents along Market St in the middle of the night, arresting 8 occupiers– and threatened to raid the entire occupation. This was part of a wave of crackdowns on the occupy movement for standing up to the 1%.  At a meeting between Occupy SF liaisons and Mayor Lee the same day, the Mayor walked out, went to the media to list a litany of complaints and implied that a raid was likely. At the meeting Occupy SF liaisons and community support groups relayed to the Mayor and department heads the camp’s commitment to making progress on a number of vital issues including sanitation, homelessness, mental illness, drug addiction, and others that plagued this city long before this occupation began. The city indicated it would to hold off on a police raid until a 4pm inspection of Occupy SF.

The SF police backed off the last planned raid after a massive show of community support and preparation for nonviolent direct action resistance. We need to show that the communities of the 99% will support the occupations stand against the rule of the 1% and for a better world. Join us!
Occupy SF Communications Statement on Meeting with Mayor: Here


To join, text “occupysf” to 234.200.4031 You will receive a response from BeGrouped.com
To test, text: “HELP” to 234.200.4031. Response from BeGrouped.com indicates okay. Standard messaging rates will apply.

Support Upcoming Occupy Events:

Thurs Nov 17:
4-6 pm: Teach-in: Low-Wage Workers Speak-Out @ Occupy SF,
Nat’l Day of Action Against Wage Theft with the SF Progressive Workers Alliance: We are low-wage workers, & we are the 99%!
At 2:30 pm sharp, we will also have a Community Action against Wage Theft!
Meet at Mission and Spear www.endwagetheft.org  Facebook listing: http://www.facebook.com/events/137377209699326/

Fri Nov 18:
8pm: David Rovics, legendary agit-prop performer, will be performing

Sat Nov 19:
3pm: March for $ for Schools and Education, Not for Banks and Corporations! Occupy SF–Justin Herman Plaza
co-organized with campus occupy groups
10pm: Hear Cornell West and others following a 9:30pm people of faith march from Union Square to Occupy SF. Organized by American Academy of Religion. OccupySF.com

Sun Nov 20:
Artists Bloc Day at Occupy San Francisco: hands-on workshops, participatory projects, discussions and the distribution of our zine. The day will include screen-printing and banner-making workshops, a speaker’s booth and conversations facilitated by local artists about arts funding, education and the systems of oppression that affect artists economic sustainability and more. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/events/287652584589202/

Occupy SF Action Council: Every Sunday at 3pm North side of justin Herman Plaza/Occupy Sf. Organize an affinity/action groups to fight for the 99% with your friends, neighbors, workmates, classmates, etc and send a spokesperson to the weekly action and mobilization coordinating council. Organizations also invited to send spokespeople.





2 responses

18 11 2011

Sounds like no raid tonight (fingers crossed), but gave us a chance to practice non-violent direct action so we’re well prepared for if/when Ed Lee decides to pull the trigger.

19 11 2011

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