OccupySF Int’l Solidarity Day with Egyptian Revolution March 11/12/11

13 11 2011

Occupy SF




One response

14 11 2011

LA Times: “Occupy San Francisco: Two police officers injured during march”

SFPD is claiming that two officers were injured during the march on Saturday.

OccupySF Response to Police Claims Regarding Egypt Solidarity March

My own experience at the march concurs with OccupySF’s statement: I observed police repeatedly violently shove groups of protesters as officers tried to force the march off the street. This involved both officers on foot, as well as motorcycle cops trying to force their way through protesters. When an experienced non-violent protester got on the PA to appeal to the police, the adjacent motorcycle cop turned up his siren to try to drown out the PA.

Their conduct seemed rather petty and pointless (about power and control, introducing danger and violence rather than protection and safety), and while they did briefly force it onto the sidewalk, in the end, the march remained on the streets for almost the entirety.

I certainly didn’t see anything like what the police are alleging.


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