OWS is Winning, Citizen Journalism playing powerful role

11 11 2011

Via Daily KosOccupy Wall Street has changed the national conversation

Graph showing impact of OWS on national dialogue

This chart tracks the number of times "income equality" appeared in the traditional media since the start of September (Ben Smith/Politico)

“You can’t change minds without first changing the topic. Instead of only talking about spending cuts and the deficit, now the plight of the 99 percent is part of the discussion.”

Citizen Journalism forces media and official accountability

Citizens have become increasingly vigilant and empowered when it comes to holding authorities accountable for misconduct through the strategic use of video.  When people possess the capability to capture and webcast undeniably clear documentation of policy violations, we own the power to shape public opinion and force the media and officials to respond.

ABC7 segment questions OPD Chief about recent citizen videos

KGO-7 segment questions OPD interim chief Jordan about recent videos: "I was appalled by what I saw."

The above segment by KGO7 news follows up with OPD on both BLK PXLS’s video of OPD nameplate-covering and Scott Campbell’s video of OPD shooting him with a projectile, both of which were filmed on the night of the General Strike last Wednesday, and previously posted on this blog.

The chief acknowledged that nameplate concealment is in violation of State Penal Code, and now the officer in question is under internal investigation and may face criminal charges.

Oakland Police Officer J. Hargraves faces possible criminal charges for concealing his uniform nameplate, in violation of CA State Penal Code 830.10

UPDATE: SF Chronicle, “Flap over Oakland cop who covered name tag,” 11/14/11

The city of Oakland violated a federal consent decree to reform its Police Department when an officer (John Hargraves) at a recent Occupy Oakland protest was captured on videotape with the name on his uniform covered in black tape, an attorney said today.

Oakland should pay $5,100 in sanctions because of the incident, which was filmed by a civilian, attorney Jim Chanin said.

Chanin said officers have to display their name tags and that (Lt. Clifford) Wong apparently did not report the incident to internal affairs, as mandated by the consent decree.

Read more

Note:  This means that not only Officer John Hargraves, but also his superior officer Lt. Clifford Wong, appear to have violated policy and engaged in misconduct.

Oakland Police Lt. Clifford Wong may have violated a Federal Consent Decree

Another event in need of follow-up is the mowing down of two pedestrians by a Mercedes driver that same evening.  As reported on Huff Post, both victims are now demanding justice in a case allegedly lacking in thorough police investigation.  In the video below, the driver appears to intentionally plow right through the two victims, launching one of them into the air.

According to Simona Farrise, an attorney for one of the victims, several witnesses called 911, but no OPD officers responded even though a station is located five blocks away.  An OPD spokesperson says that a felony assault investigation is underway and will be referred to the DA next week, who will decide whether or not to file charges.

The fact that the driver was a white male and the victims a black man and an Asian American woman raise the question of race in the alleged lack of response from authorities:

“From the far racist extreme, this is what you get when you think” of law enforcement in Oakland, Farrise said. “Does the life of a black man in Oakland mean so little that someone can just drive over them, nearly killing them with no response by authorities? Is that where we are in America?”

Attorneys representing both victims planned on holding a press conference today at 1:30 p.m. (PST) at the Waterfront Hotel at Jack London Square in Oakland.




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