Boots Riley on non-violence, broken windows, ‘diversity of tactics’

10 11 2011

There’s a lot of debate going on about property destruction as tactic in Occupy Oakland, both within and external to OO.

Boots Riley posted a statement, “The truth is that . . .,”

The truth is that while almost everyone I know in Occupy Oakland (including myself) thinks that breaking windows is tactically the wrong thing to do and very stupid, many people do not agree with non-violent philosophy. If you kicked those folks out then you would have a body of folks that wouldn’t have been radical enough to even call for a General Strike. Occupy Oakland, on the whole, has a radical analysis that leads us to campaigns that others wouldn’t and which also capture people’s imagination . . .

Read in full here.

Riley also responds to the media/politicians’ lie about how detrimental OO has been to local small business, in his comment at the top of comments here.

UPDATE (11/11/11):  Boots responds to the barrage of lies coming from Mayor Quan, OPD, and other city officials and being parroted by the media in the wake of the shooting last night:  lies about the shooting, lies about the impact on downtown business, and the lie about OO being mostly composed of out-of-towners.




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