Occupy Cal on Wed, Nov. 9

4 11 2011

Forwarded from Public Education Coalition’s website, www.berkeleycuts.org:

Days of Action for Public Education: We Are the 99%!

Public education in California is facing a severe crisis. State budget cuts and austerity measures have accelerated administrator’s efforts to to privative our public colleges. If UC President Mark Yudoff’s plan is approved, for instance, students could face tuition rates as high as $22,000 dollars. This would make the UC’s inaccesible for tens of thousands of low- and middle- income students and for already underrepresented students of color. And for those who do make it in, a lifetime of debt awaits. University privatization also involves attacks on public sector workers, from pension raids to mass layoffs.

The future of public education in our state is bleak, unless we act in the present to prevent the indebting of students and the walling off of our public institutions. By taking collective, mass action this fall, we can begin to reverse the waves of fee hikes, course reductions, budget cuts, and layoffs.

Through collective struggle, we can defend and sustain public education in California, and we can counter state austerity.

Wed Nov 9th 12pm: Rally and Walkout at Sproul
UC Berkeley Tent City (location tba)

•Wed Nov 16th 7:00am*: UC Regents Vote on
81% Fee Hike. Lets Stop Them!

* Buses will pick up students/workers at Bancroft & Telegraph
and will be going to UCSF Mission Bay




3 responses

4 11 2011

Correction: WEDNESDAY, Nov. 9, not Tues.

6 11 2011

Sacto Bee: ‘Occupy’ protests on way to California campuses next week

“A union-backed group calling itself “Refund California” is organizing protests on Wednesday at more than a dozen college campuses, including Sacramento State and the University of California, Davis. The group argues that banks created the country’s economic collapse that decimated state budgets and led to massive tuition hikes in recent years. It is calling on leaders of California’s public universities to pledge support for higher taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals as a way to restore funding for jobs and education.”

“California Faculty Association, which represents CSU professors, will be picketing on Cal State campuses on Tuesday and Wednesday. Professors at CSU Dominguez Hills and CSU East Bay may strike on Nov. 17; the union will announce Monday if the strike is on.”

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/11/04/4031692/occupy-protests-on-way-to-california.html#ixzz1cyjG8pxV

8 11 2011

“UC Berkeley Day of Action planned for Wednesday”

“According to organizers, the all-day Wednesday protest is scheduled to kick off with a “teach-out” at 8 a.m. — in which GSIs and professors from various departments will teach their morning classes that day on Sproul Plaza — followed by a student walkout and rally at noon and a general assembly in the evening, the location of which is yet to be determined.”


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