FAIL: SF Chronicle sees seemliness, not significance of Occupy SF

31 10 2011

Gary Kamiya, co-founder of and five year veteran of the SF Examiner, describes the ongoing failure at the San Francisco Chronicle in this piece posted on on 10/29/11:

Great city forced to read swill: The San Francisco Chronicle’s Occupy SF problem

It’s the most significant progressive protest movement in years. And yet in America’s most left-wing city, pundits for the San Francisco Chronicle, the city’s daily newspaper, are coming across like the smarmy voice of the Chamber of Commerce. They’re so obsessed with the Occupy San Francisco movement’s illegal encampment, its effects on local businesses and the unruliness of some of its members that they have failed to grasp its historic significance.

You’d expect this from a paper in Salt Lake City. But San Francisco? The place famous for nurturing the Beats and the hippies, the women’s and gay rights movements? The free-spirited city-state that has always laughed at American Babbitry and fought for social justice? We deserve better than this.

After providing detailed examples and analysis of the Chronicle’s failings, Kamiya concludes:

There is an inevitable tension in this nascent movement between the homeless and the middle-class, between the hardcore types who welcome confrontation and the moderate types who don’t. But the tents at the foot of Market Street are literally big enough for all of them. And San Francisco, of all cities, should welcome those tents. They may be ugly, but there is something beautiful about them. Saint Francis, for whom this city is named and who began his saintly career when he gave his clothes to a poor man, would have understood that.

Full story here

[Elsewhere on  “OWS has transformed public opinion: For the first time since the Great Depression, the majority of Americans favor wealth redistribution,” Robert Reich, 10/31/11.

And “Report: NYPD steers drunks to Occupy Wall Street“, 10/31/11]

Finally, OccupySF – Weekly Recap – 10/31/11 video




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