Samurai Soft Power is now Official

25 05 2010
Say "Konnichiwa!"

Say "Konnichiwa!" to 'Samurai & Swordplay' at the Japan Embassy this week

You may have seen the Say “Konnichiwa!” to Samurai Soft Power section on our website, where we talk about the promotion of the samurai stereotype in ‘soft powerservice of a U.S. hegemonic push to remilitarize Japan.

Well, it’s now official—It’s “Samurai Week” at the Japanese Embassy in DC, at the exact same time that “Japan Relents on US Base on Okinawa”, reconfirming Japan’s subordinate status as “junior partner” to US interests in the region—hegemony maintained.

[August 2009: US won’t renegotiate troops in Japan]

And as if that wasn’t enough: today “Japan defeated by South Korea on home soil

Japan Embassy’s Samurai Week program (pdf)

Listen to short Samurai Week feature at WAMU:
* realReal Audio
* wmpWindows Media




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