ON THE AIR: KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio!

16 09 2009

On Monday afternoon (9/14/09) we took our message to the airwaves.

Our communications director was interviewed along with artist/educator/culture blogger Valerie Soe by the inimitable Weyland Southon on KPFA‘s one and only Hard Knock Radio.


Here’s what one listener on the East Coast had to say:

“Just wanted to tell you how good it was to hear informed, conscientious commentary challenging the rationale for the samurai exhibit and the assumptions the general public makes in accepting it as typical museum fare.  After listening to the KPFA broadcast, I went to your site and was cheered that art this intellectually rigorous and politically uncompromising was still so down-to-earth and funny any visitor there could bring away something to think about and talk about with their friends.”

And another posted to our blog here.

Stay tuned for more media coverage in the days to come.

For all of those who believe in what we’re doing, we encourage you to show some love by supporting Hard Knock Radio and listener-sponsored community radio by joining KPFA.  Tune into Hard Knock Radio weekdays 4-5pm, KPFA 94.1 FM, and streaming online at www.kpfa.org.




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