Museum mired in muck on Monday?

31 08 2009
Yesterday at "The Asian" (we didn't do it.)

Yesterday at "The Asian" (we didn't do it).

Monday Morning Update

What a week it’s been!
We launched the site last Tuesday, picked up by bloggers in less than 24 hrs;
began campus outreach at SFSU and UC Berkeley Wednesday;
intervention Thursday (hundreds of flyers distributed!);
interview posted Friday;
scholars weighed in with approval Saturday;
Fred Schodt, recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese government, tweeted about us yesterday,

and look who has visited us in just the past 12 hours:

Our Distinguished Guests

Consulate General of Japan (for over an hour!)

Smithsonian Institution

State of California, Dept. of Education

UC Irvine
Kansas University
Princeton University
Harvard University
Smith College
University of Michigan
Yale University

And again, that’s only in the past 12 hours!

Word is spreading in Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Beijing, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, the UK, Finland, Switzerland and of course Japan.

We’ve even been visited by someone from Wasilla, Alaska!  (Please Sarah, put us on your Facebook!)

To all of our welcome guests, a hearty thank you and please keep spreading the word!




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31 08 2009

You are so viral–awesome.

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