Samurai pwned! + More Blog Buzz

28 08 2009

Hilarious blogpost by Moye at

Update:  Additional Blogosphere Buzz

SFist:  . . . wishing this were a real museum

CBS5The parody site includes hilarious copy . . .

mr poopypants:  with comments from xensen, the AAMSF’s Director of Publications, Thomas Christensen.

Hyphen Blog:  originally published at Beyond Asiaphilia

ARTicles, blog of the National Arts Journalism Program Where Asian Still Means Oriental

SFMike’s Civic CenterSamurai Semiotics

Asian Art Library:  commentary from LSU’s School of Art

Yosha’s Crying WallThe Lost Samurai

bun4_nbk: bun4_nbkのブックマーク

Arts Journal’s Real Clear ArtsWhat should the museum do?

Dig DugSo what are museums’ obligations and responsibilities to the public, especially institutions that receive city funds? . . . If museums market exhibitions to people using stereotyped fantasies, aren’t they slowly but surely reinforcing stereotypes?’s Friday Fishwrap:  includes a comment by a Charles Hisashiburi

The Marmot’s HoleAnd the Point is? (sent lots of web traffic from So. Korea)

Artemisia:  a Museum volunteer—“Orientalism lives!”

Al’s Art Log:  “It’s also a lesson for any arts organization to not let their marketing departments run away with their sales pitches, to make sure that the content presented is not undermined by the process of getting bodies in the door.

Note:  In a disingenuous PR ruse, the Asian Art Museum attempted to co-opt online discussion with it’s own blog page on the subject which sadly disrespects the source of the debate by refusing to provide a link to our website, and is fundamentally based on the lie that we “cannot be contacted directly”, contrary to the obvious fact that our contact info appears in numerous places on the site as well as this blog.  If there were any doubt as to their dubious tactics, they also refused pingbacks from other bloggers who recognize the value of the discourse being generated.

Are they not interested in being part of an open, mutually respectful dialogue—one that’s not controlled by their moderators, dominated by their staff contributors, to serve only their audience? Based on their apparent role in the suppression of public dialogue at the de Young Museum, the answer seems very clear.




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